The number of MBBS seats in European countries is large. On the other hand, India has very limited medical seats to offer and receives a great number of MBBS applications each year. On top of that higher tuition fees and increased competition, virtually making it impossible for many talented students to pursue their MBBS courses in Indian medical colleges. Consequently, there has been a significant increase in the number of MBBS students in Europe and their parents interested in the possibility of studying medicine in Europe. MBBS Universities in Europe are renowned around the world for offering top-rated medical education and training with affordable MBBS tuition fees and comparatively low living cost in Europe. The European medical universities have centuries of prestigious legacy and have produced some of the leading physicians and doctors in the world today. Numerous European countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania offer MBBS degrees in Europe to national and international medical students studying MBBS in Europe.

Why Study MBBS in Europe?

There is a lot of difference between studying in Europe and studying in any other country like the USA or the UK in terms of the study and living cost. Yet, Europe provides the same recognised medical degree like the USA or the UK do. On top of that, you get less duration of the medical course in the USA as the country’s academic period lasts for only four years. Whereas, in European Nations, the total duration of MBBS or MD courses is 6 years including 1 year of internship programs in various hospitals across the country. On top of that training after MBBS in Europe extends your study period further by 6 months to 1 year. You get more skilled in your profession during the training period and it will add more value to your career when you’ll start practising in India upon return. Moreover, tuition fees are quite lower in Europe as compared to the rest of the world. You pay almost half in Europe of what you pay in the USA or the UK to attain a similar MBBS degree. Additionally, the entry requirements in Europe are undemanding and the visa process is simple as well which make hassle-free admissions in Europe. Almost European medical universities don’t even ask for any entrance test before enrolling an Indian medical aspirant in their campus.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Europe

  • Language: The first and foremost benefit of MBBS study in Europe is that you can easily find a university offering MBBS in Europe in English. You don’t have to pay extra for the course in English as most of the universities are already providing education in English. The course material related to MBBS syllabus in Europe is similar to that of India. It makes studying at medical colleges in Europe for Indian students a blissful experience.
  • Cost of education: The cost of MBBS course in Europe is definitively on the higher side but it is still lesser in comparison to a lot of private medical universities in India. As MBBS in Europe in English is available in all universities, you do not have to pay anything extra to learn a new language. Study MBBS from Europe for Indian students is a better option overall.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in most of the areas in Europe is cheap. Even in the areas near the top rated MBBS University in Europe, you can easily find an affordable accommodation and Indian food is available in almost every corner.
  • Job perspective: Most of the European MBBS universities are MCI approved that means you can come back to India and gain a license in India after clearing MCI screening exam. Also, you can either stay in Europe or move to the US as well to fulfill your dreams. In short, the value of MBBS degree in Europe is better than the value of a degree from many private universities in India. The top European colleges for MBBS even have job drives every year in which international students can also participate. MCI recognized MBBS colleges in Europe assures Indian Students better and sustainable future.
  • Better infrastructure: The MBBS colleges in Europe are known for high level of education and state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of courses, labs, research centers etc. The field of medicine in Europe is highly advanced. The Medical study in Europe includes field experience as well. Medicine study in Europe for international students is more productive and has better future.
  • Recognition in India: European MBBS degree in India is approved by Medical Council of India. Even the top 10 medical colleges in Europe have courses that are recognized by not only MCI but also by international organizations like UNESCO and WHO. You can also do MD degree from Europe.
  • Indian students in Europe: You can easily find a lot of Indian students in Europe which makes it easier for the new student to settle down in a new environment. The Indian students who have cleared 12th with good marks will find the European MBBS syllabus easier and similar to Indian courses. When students study MBBS in Europe in English medium they do not feel dethatched from the course.
  • Course duration: The duration of MBBS course in Europe is similar to that of India because you do not need to learn a new language. The duration of course in European medical college is around 5 to 6 years. The top universities in Europe for MBBS also offer additional support for MD degree after completing of MBBS. Medical University in Europe has a lot of options to explore.
  • Cultural exposure: During the MBBS duration in Europe, the students get exposure to a new culture as well. When you study medicine in Europe in European medical colleges recognized by MCI, you not only become a good doctor but a better person. Studying in Europe helps in overall development. The Study in Europe for Indian students brings a class in nature.

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